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Cable Cam Prototype

POSTED ON JULY 02, 2013 AT 14:04

Maybe you have seen some bike videos before, in which the camera follows a rider, flows through a forest or down into a valley. Mostly, this is realized with a cable camera. The basic version of it is pretty simple. You take a rope, a camera, some wood and two wheels, screw them together and here it is, a cable cam. This was the one we wanted to create. Furtherm there are extremely complex versions on the market, with steel cables, aluminium cases, motors and even servos for the camera turning. Since our budget is near zero, we aimed to build a cheap version of a cable cam. Here a short testing sequence.

The cable cam worked well. The only thing is the timing between camera man and rider. We didn't quiet get it on those three tries.

This was the first draft.

We attached a photo album with all the major steps and parts we used.

Attached Album:

Cable Cam Prototype

This is our cable cam, made out of wood and a camera tripod head.

A New Sponsor

POSTED ON JUNE 01, 2013 AT 23:34

We have good news. The Trailside Crew has found a new sponsor. This sponsor is called "The Mobile Bicycle Doctor", acting as a bike mechanic who repairs old bikes, sells new bikes and parts and even comes to you to repair your bike if you call him.

You can find all informations about him and his work on www.facebook.com/The-Mobile-Bicycle-Doctor/.

Photo Equipment

POSTED ON MARCH 19, 2013 AT 11:09

Maybe you wonder how we filmed our movies or how we took our photos. The equipment we used counts a camera, a flash, a timelapse and some filters.

The camera is a Canon EOS 7D, a powerfull tool to capture photos and full hd videos. The lens is a canon ef-s 18-200.

The flash we use is from canon, too. It's a extremly powerfull flash and it's a hell of fun to use it.

This is a tool for capturing timelapses and long exposure images. It comes from canon and is called TC-80N3.

Later on, we will buy and build new equipment and post updates on this page. Next thing we build is a cable cam or a steady cam. We only took scenes whitout camera movement until now, but with these two new tools, the whole filming will go in a total diffrent direction.

Attached Album:

Photo Equipment

In here, you can find all our photo equipment.


POSTED ON MARCH 19, 2013 AT 09:03

As like the most clans and crews, we have our own t-shirt, too. It's pretty simple, we just took the logo and then we ordered some printed t-shirts from an online printer store.

Maybe, we will print some hoodies and shorts, too. Maybe we will create some stickers, which we can use on our bikes and helmets or something.

Attached Album:


Here you can find all our cloths.

The First Sponsor

POSTED ON MARCH 15, 2013 AT 01:00

In spring, we will build a slope style line called "The Yard". More information about this to come. Now, luckily, we have found our first sponsor.

Many thanks for the sponsorship. The "Malatelier Immunitas" is located in Bichelsee, Switzerland. You can find any further informations on http://www.malatelier-immunitas.ch.

Summer Memories

POSTED ON MARCH 12, 2013 AT 07:31

Do you remember the time when every piece of dirt was dry? Do you remember the dust behind your wheels? Do you remember the blue skies and a bright sun? Maybe you think of summer? It's probably the best time to place the tires in the dirt and ride some runs with you buddies. According to this, we went to Livigno, Italy last year. It was the second year we were riding and the trailside crew was not really existing. Here are some impressions, cut together in a small video, taken in July. Simon Bertolf rode his old bergamont straitline and i had a specialized demo 8. The camera and the lens packed, we left home and headed to Livigno.

Livigno is always worth a trip or a weekend. It took us three hours to drive down to Italy by car. You may think it is boring to drive a car that long, but the road goes over some passes and there are many corners, so the action never stops. Once we left the car on the parking place, wo went into the city of Livigno. There are thousands of shops, selling parfumes and cigarettes. Livigno is duty free, so every shop sells alcohol, too.Every restaurant sells pizza and beer. We ate in a steak house, called 1816. After eating we placed our tents and we slept until the next morning. The days are damn hot, but due to Livignos height, the nights are cold.

Finally we got our bikes built up and so we started to shred. There are plenty of jumps, so i tried to learn a no hander, which finally succeded.

The upper part of the trail was extremly dry. After a day, the whole ground was ripped and there was plenty of loose, dry dirt. Every corner and every brake ended up in a giant dustcloud. It was amazing.

Since i saw the first downhill or dirtjump videos, i always wanted to know how to whip. I watched the videos over and over again until i got the trick.

Sometimes, there were pretty much people on the trail, so we chilled at the jump park and i was able to learn a one footer.

Since we are beginners, we always loose much of our speed in corners. Livignos red trail, "the first ever", has thousands of flowy corners. After a while of practice, the cornering went pretty well.

In deep summer, the lifts close but the sun is hanging in the sky very high. We hiked up some times and we had fun taking photos.

Christian Auer was able to learn the one hander. He tried it into the big air bag and when he got it, he took it to the trail.

There was one jump, not that big, but amazingly built. The take off is very long and so i decided to learn how to scrub. After a while, the first scrub was done and i will learn how to do it better this season.

There are some high speed passes where you can roll without any braking.

In the middle of the wood part, in the lower section of the trail, you can find a big wallride and some north shores. Due to the dry conditions, everyone had fun.

The weekend passed by way to fast. This photo was taken on the last run. The weather turned into rain and as soon as we left Livigno,, it started to poor down like hell. At the end, Livigno was a hell of fun, probably the best trip we had until now. We will return for sure. This time maybe with more skills and more friends.

Attached Album:

Summer Memories

Here you can find the pictures of the blog post "Summer Memories"

Winter Depresses

POSTED ON DECEMBER 16, 2012 AT 16:45

Winter is just not the favorite time of the year for someone who likes mountainbiking more than every other sport. And this way, the winter depresses many of us. Not to be able to ride because of two inches snow everywhere is not cool and so we have to pass the time by doing something different. But not only this, another bad thing was going on meanwhile. A dirtpark we built would no longer exist because there are not enough people who go out for some jumps. It was just to expensive to do so much work and use the machines in spring. So the decision was made and the wooden parts of the park where cut down.

But every bad news has a good message, too. In spring 2012, we started to build a single jump with a lenght of ten meters and 100 meter runway. It's not the most spectacular jump that you can imagine but it's a cool spot to hang out and have fun. We built a berm at the end of the jumps landing, so you can brake fast. This takes not that much place and it's good to practice left corners. We also build a fireplace to grill and chill.

Because nobody was interested in the wood of the destruced park, we asked for it and we were allowed to take it with us. Now, we can grill next summer without going in the woods to search for wood to burn.

But as usualy, the weather was pretty ugly and it rained into the snow, wich was a big problem, since the wood should not be very wet. So we had to go out and do the job.

Attached Album:

Winter Depresses

Some pictures of the wood work.

Season Ender Fails

POSTED ON DECEMBER 12, 2012 AT 02:45

While we were filming for our first edit, the snow rolled in and the trail conditions changed rapidely. The trail was muddy and slippery with a thin layer of snow on top of it. We found this trail two weeks before filming and did not much riding on it at all. We were cleaning the trail and we maked it rideable. So we have some fails that we recorded. Not many fails but at least some cool ones. Enjoy:

Rider width Giant Reign SX: Mike Ladurner, Rider with Bergamont Big Air: Christian Auer.

Introducing: The Trailside Crew

POSTED ON DECEMBER 08, 2012 AT 12:12

It has been a long time since three of us first had contact with downhill mountainbiking. A fathers friend was riding nearly every free second of his time when he was not working. I never thought that i will join this bike community and prefered to search for cool videos in the web. This was when i first hit the page pinkbike.com. I was stoked about all the cool videos, photos, blogs and people. This was also the moment when my decision was made. I wanted to start with downhill more than anything else. Maybe it was luck, because this fathers friend bought a new bike and he offered the old one to me at a good price. I agreed to the offer and was soon out in the woods building some cool stuff to ride. Truely, it was just beginner level stuff but i liked the feeling. The bike i bought was a Bergamont Big Air 6.9. I was proud to be the new owner of it.

At the same time, one of my best friends saw a cheap Bergamont Straitline 7.9 and bought it, too. This way, things began to roll and everything became like it is today. We are five people, riding for fun. Now, we decided to share our adventures and feelings, so we created "The Trailside Crew". We aim to create some cool videos and images and to share them with you guys. We are gettin faster and the bikes have changed but we are still not that fast. We hope to bring the progress we are going through to all the people who enjoy watching people getting better in the things they do.

And here it is, the first video. It was recorded in the past two weeks. It was pretty slippery and muddy and it began to snow, but the overall experience was totaly great.

Rider with Giant Reign SX: Mike Ladurner, Rider with Bergamon Big Air: Christian Auer, Rider with GT Fury Team: Simon Bertolf.

The Trailside Crew members life in Switzerland. This makes it much different to write blogs in english. So we can already say at this point: "We are sorry for our bad english and we hope you can read through the text anyway."

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